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Flash CS3 Universal PayPal Button Component  
how to install and use
$40.00 Flex Component
swc file
$80.00 Flex Component
swc file + source code
Flash CS3 Universal Paypal Button component will allow you to easily drag and drop a button to include PayPal purchases within your Flash site. With this universal button you no longer have to deal with the nitty gritty of how paypal works. Simply use and reuse, drag and drop this button and set its parameters through the parameters tab or the component inspector within the flash IDE or through code to communicate with the Paypal purchasing power and credit card processing.

Here's a list of all the features you'll get:
  • The ability to choose the image for the button from the standard Paypal button images or use your own through relative or full url to the image
  • The ability to decide if you want the Paypal window to open a new window or the same window
  • You can easily set the return url or place your logo on the Paypal screen pages

  • <demo>

    Q: What versions of Flash or AS will this component work with?
    A: This component works with Flash CS3 and AS3 code.

    Q: How do I install this component?
    Click here for details on how to install and use

    Q: How do I set my price and other parameters for my button?
    A: Click here for details on how to install and use

    Q: Can I use this component in multiple places within my project?
    A: Yes. All you need to do is drag and drop it from the components list as mentioned in the instruction below on how to install. Once you've done that to have more buttons in your project all you need to do is go to your Library window and drag and drop more instances of the PayPalButton in your project. Each one can have its own product name price etc that can be set as explained in the instructions later in this page.

    Q: Can I set the paremeters through code?
    Yes. Once you have the component on the stage all you need to do is give is an instance name and now you can access it and its public parameters such as price, item name and button image.

    <how to install and use>

    STEP 1: After you purchase the component and get a SWC file you need to place it on your machine in a certain directory so that the Flash CS3 IDE can see it.
    Place the PayPalButton.swc file in this location:

    PC Users: HD:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS3\en\Configuration\Components
    MAC users: HD:/Applications/Adobe Flash CS3/Configuration/Components

    STEP 2: Restart your Flash IDE so that it recognizes the new component and go to
    Window->Components. Once you see the Components window click on Standard Components under which you'll see a new component called PayPayButton. Drag and drop this component on the stage and now you have the PayPalButton in your project.

    STEP 3: There are three ways you can set parameters on your PayPalButton.

    Method 1: Click on the component while it is on your stage and look below for the Parameters tab. Click on the tab and you'll see a list of the parameters you can modify such as price, button image and your paypal business email.

    Method 2: In Flash IDE go to Window->Components Inspector. Once the Component Inspector window is open click on the PayPalButton you have on the stage and You'll see the paremeters that you can modify in the Component Inspector. Set them and you're ready to go.

    Method 3: Through AS3 code. Give it an instance name and then you can set paremeters on the component like this: myPayPalButtonInstance.pp_item_name = "My product name" ;

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